Memory : Katrina

I felt a little broken last night. I had been putting off an assignment for my English class because it involved reading some very moving poetry and connecting it to Hurricane Katrina and the wording of some of the victims. But, I was one of the victims. I am fairly certain that around word 200 of my 1199 word response, I lost track of the actual topic, and just wrote my pain and frustrations and anger that still haunt me 13 years later.

You never really know how much impact something has had on your life until you are forced to really think about it. And Katrina was there along with house fires and tornadoes that I have had to rebuild from too. But these experiences, these devastations, will break you if you allow them too. They can break you immediately or it can be much later.

PTSD is a real thing and many people who have never been to war, have still encountered a battlefield. And it will sneak up on you with no trigger warning. And you won’t always be ready. You don’t have to “get over it.” We learn to embrace the feeling and the fear, in the moment, and then try to let it go. But the memories are always there. Lurking, waiting, and seeping into different facets of your life, whether you are aware of it or not.