The Drain

I feel like , if I write in my blog anywhere other than in my bed, I am doing a disservice to the name of my site. That might or might not be a lie but I do have a pretty comfortable bed and warm blankets so this is where my writing shall commence.

I am tired. Tired of having to feel so strong all the time. Tired of smiling when I want to cry. But we do what we do to move forward and be successful. Except when sick. Then there is a drain. A drain of everything: energy, motivation, ambition, Kleenex, water, and patience. But I try to not let the drain hit me too hard. I am a mom. I have seen the commercials about not having off days, but I don’t buy their lies. Any medicine that makes me feel better, puts me to sleep. Daytime, nighttime, homeopathic, highly addictive… all words. Therefore, I have found that I just modify my “momming” style. Blanket forts, Oreos, Curious George, and 4 hour nap blocks for mommy. Don’t judge. It works. I owe a debt of gratitude to The Man in the Yellow Hat for seeing me through a week of drain.

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