The Journey Begins

Thank you for musing with me!

Great ideas emerge from useless fragments of thoughts.

Thus I begin my journey in blogging once again.

I purchased a Passion Planner and one of the things I really enjoy , and dislike, about this planner is that it has a “Passion Roadmap” where you sit down and take time to write different things that you would love to accomplish if there were no barriers. Then you break it down to what’s realistic and actionable an you set forth a way to get it done. Well, one of my goals was to write more. So I thought, “What better way to make myself accountable than to begin a blog?”

And furthermore, I thought if I purchased a domain, especially while funds are really tight, I would be more promoted to invest time in myself and make my left and right hemispheres work together by utilizing creative writing.

So, the journey begins.

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