Welcome to my land. I am Scarlett.  I am beginning this blog as a way to express myself in all avenues. I have overcome a great deal, but there are still battles and struggles that I am going through daily. Sometimes, I don’t think we are aware of how broken we are until we start fixing ourselves. But, I am working on the happiness and gratefulness and positivism that we are all told we should have and embrace. A quick snapshot of me –

I am :

  • a mother
  • a wife
  • an employee
  • a student
  • 36
  • pregnant
  • bi-polar
  • battling PTSD
  • working with “some kind” of autoimmune disease
  • a resident of Oregon, the Pacific Wonderland.

There are several facets that make me, me. Just like there are several facets to any human being. I don’t consider any of these things to make me special, but it is important for you to know who I am. It might help in later stories should you decide to wander into my mind and read. I hope you do. I hope you laugh, cry, shake your head, or nod furiously. I hope you engage yourself because I am jumping into this land of blogging to engage myself. Welcome to my journey.